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Tom and Kisha Maher  Teen/Tween Girl Experts, Parent Trainers, and Family Transformation Experts that have been working with children and families for over 10 years.  Their expertise has been presented in publications such as OC Family, Patch, and the OC Register. They are featured professional Parenting Experts and video hosts for  EHOW.  As Teen/Tween Girl Experts, Tom and Kisha have mentored 100’s of teenager girls.  Most notably, parenting numerous teenage foster children whose behavior was too severe to be placed in a main stream foster home.  Tom and Kisha are also Guinness World Record Breakers for World’s Largest Paddle Boarding Lesson.

Teen Girl Expert Experts Tom and Kisha Maher

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Through their Premier Supernanny Style House Calls, Tom and Kisha Maher visit families homes teaching parents how to: use consequences and rewards to improve behavior, help children develop self-control, create responsible and self-sufficient children, diminish tantrums, get on the same page with their  spouse, gain control of their house, and ultimately creating a calm and peaceful home environment.

Teen Girl Experts 

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Through their Non-Profit Organization, Hailey’s House, Tom and Kisha mentor middle school girls to be the best version of themselves and empower parents with the skills needed to keep them on the positive path.  Their approach is very applicable, simple, fun, and light-hearted.  Girls have fun and parents learn valuable tools to create an environment that brings out the best in their daughters.

Teen Tween Girl expert Experts Tom and Kisha Maher

Inspirational Speakers​

As inspirational speakers, Tom and Kisha spread a life changing message to girls everywhere: ‘ACCEPT YOURSELF, BE YOURSELF’  They believe that all girls have the power inside of them to be something great.  Many get jaded by comparing themselves with others.  By showing girls the power they have over their thoughts and feelings, girls learn to be confident in who they are, are inspired to just be themselves, and skilled in making good decisions.


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From the moment Tom and Kisha met, their vision for Hailey’s House was forming.

While they were just dating, Kisha lived and worked as a counselor for troubled teen girls in the mountains of San Diego. These girls were sent to live away from their homes and families due to their poor behavior choices. The hope was that having these girls leave the negative environment and influences that had gotten them down the wrong path would have them gain a new perspective to make better decisions.

Kisha found that nearly every girl that entered the program had a life changing experience and was inspired to make good choices. However, when they would return home from living on the mountain for a solid year, it was only a matter of time before they went right back to their former ways.

She knew that if girls were taught their strengths and mentored to accept themselves while parents had someone guiding and empowering them on specific steps through this difficult time, the families relationships could be saved and their money could be better spent; Relationships lost by families being separated and money lost by paying such high boarding school fees.

Soon after, Tom and Kisha married and began working together with an organization that specialized in behavior modification for recently adjudicated and severely emotionally disturbed teens. Their positions required them to live in a home with 6 at-risk teen girls whose behaviors were so out of control they were removed from the mainstream foster care system. As legal guardians, role models, and parental figures, Tom and Kisha guided each girl onto the right path.

Through this experience they realized what an impact they had together working with young girls.

Tom and Kisha knew that if this type of ‘middle ground’ home was available for the average, everyday family, Orange County parents could avoid financial strain during an already stressful time and daughters could be led on to the right path without the risk of losing their relationship with their parents.

They set out to either create a place of their own or find one that already existed. Before starting their own, they searched for organizations with similar specialties. Their search led them to accept a position to run a middle school girls 5 day residential program in South Florida.

For the next several years Tom and Kisha thrived as they worked with the average, middle-upper class families of South Florida. Through their experience they created The Simply Family Curriculum. (A 12 step individualized template for families to create their own boundaries, structure, and behavior plan based on their personal values, goals, and unique family situation.)

Never forgetting the need for the  families of Orange County, the time had come for them to return home and combine their years of experience, training, and passion to create Hailey’s House.



Tom and Kisha’s credentials are mixture of passion, natural gifting, and lots of experience.

Tom and Kisha have a passion to help families bring the best out of each other and that passion is the precursor to their success.

Tom and Kisha display an innate gift in assisting families.  This became apparent very early on in their career as they volunteered and worked for organizations that assisted families.  With little to no training at the time, Tom and Kisha were shockingly effective at diffusing issues between teens and their parents.

Over the past 10 years  Tom ad Kisha have gained experience in bringing the best out of children and their families.  Most notably Tom and Kisha spent over 5 years of their life living and working 24/7 with juvenile delinquents, troubled foster children, and at-risk teens to help them choose a better path in life.  In addition Tom and Kisha have taught parenting classes, created a parenting curriculum, and visited family’s homes to help them change their dynamic.


Tom and Kisha have completed the following official trainings:

- Girls and Boys Town Family Teaching Model

- Sheridan House Behavior Modification Model

- Julian Youth Academy Teaching System

- Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training


Tom and Kisha are also trained in the following fields:

-          Anger Management

-          Social Skill Application

-          Positive Parenting

-          Self Esteem

-          Personality

-          Mediation

-          Eating Disorders

-          Cutting (Self-Harm)

-          Gang Awareness



Guiding Teens

Accept Yourself~Be Yourself

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